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Company profile

HONESTY-AL has been established for
The cumulative number of service customers is

Honesty- AL Group was established in 2000. For more than 20 years, the company has focused on the operation of aluminum sheets. The company adheres to the corporate philosophy of faith-based and advantageous management, pursues excellent quality, and has a grateful heart. Committed to creating a safe, reliable and secure international aluminum plate trading and service platform, providing high-quality products and perfect services to global customers.

Under the leadership of the founder, Mr. Hu Jinzhong, the company has experienced a 10-year initial start-up period and 10-year secondary start-up development period. As of 2020, the company's cumulative sales have exceeded 7 billion , and the plant area exceeds 33,000 square meters. It has formed three office locations: the company's headquarters, sales branches, and intelligent manufacturing bases; in August 2020, the company officially launched three take-off plans, relying on Honesty-AL has been working hard in the aluminum plate industry for 20 years. With the help of the development of 5G, big data and artificial intelligence, it has established an Internet platform for the aluminum plate industry, created a new aluminum plate trading environment, and achieved the company's sales target of 10 billion yuan in 3 years and 30 billion in 5 years.

In the future, the company will be based in China, see the world, integrate the supply chain of the aluminum sheet industry, form a global supply platform and logistics system, lead the healthy and orderly development of the aluminum industry, and let the world share the convenience brought by Made in China and "Xinyi" services!

About Honesty-AL
About Honesty-AL
About Honesty-AL
About Honesty-AL
Development path
A start-up(2000 — 2010)
Second Entrepreneurship(2011 — 2020)
Three take offs(2021 — )
A hundred year journey
Let our customers use aluminum plate quickly
Struggle for 101 years, we will become one of the top 10 aluminum plate companies in the world and the company with the highest employee happiness index.
Corporate values
Customer first
1. Respect customers and promote the culture of honesty-AL anytime and anywhere.
2. Face complaints and grievances with a smile, and take the initiative to solve problems for customers at work.
3. In the process of communicating with customers, even if it is not your own responsibility, do not shirk the blame.
4. Think from the customer's standpoint, and on the basis of adhering to the principle, ultimately achieve the satisfaction of both the customer and the company.
5. Continuously innovate service awareness, prevent problems before they occur, and are praised by customers.
1. Actively integrate into the team, actively seek help from colleagues, and cooperate with the team to complete the work.
2. Actively express opinions before making decisions and fully participate in team discussions; after making decisions, regardless of whether individuals have objections, they must fully support them in words and deeds.
3. Actively share business knowledge and experience; take the initiative to give necessary help to colleagues; be good at using the power of the team to solve problems and difficulties.
4. Be good at cooperating with different types of colleagues, do not bring personal preferences into the work, and fully reflect the principle of "right things and not people".
5. Have a sense of ownership, positively influence the team, improve team morale and atmosphere.
Execute first
1. Unconditionally execute the tasks assigned by the leader.
2. Strictly implement the "repetition, commitment, return" principle of accepting tasks.
3. After accepting the task, mobilize all resources to ensure the completion of the task.
4. The work is result-oriented, and there is no "passing" thinking, and no deception.
5. When an individual conflicts with a department or a company, the personal interests are subject to the interests of the department and the company, and the interests of the department are subject to the interests of the company.
Embrace change
1. Adapt to the daily changes of the company and take the lead in supporting the company's various resolutions.
2. In the face of changes, treat them rationally, do not complain, communicate fully, and cooperate sincerely.
3. Self-adjustment to the difficulties and setbacks caused by changes, and positively influence and drive colleagues.
4. Have forward-looking awareness in work, establish new methods and new ideas.
5. Create change and bring about breakthrough improvements in performance.
Growing up
1. Continuous learning, self-improvement, and doing things fully reflect the result-oriented.
2. Under the premise of being competent in this position, take the initiative to understand, learn and master the responsibilities and processes of other positions in the department, and can be assigned to the post.
3. Direct help to the growth or promotion of others.
4. Actively participate in various training activities and have obvious progress or customs clearance.
5. Constantly sum up experience, be able to share successful experience or become a lecturer.
1. Actively participate in various activities of the company and play a leading role in the activities.
2. Invest in daily work with a clean image and full mental state, influence and drive colleagues and teams
3. Going out for training and other activities to obtain excellent results.
4. Face daily work with a positive and optimistic attitude, never give up when encountering difficulties and setbacks, constantly motivate yourself, and strive to improve performance.
5. Continue to set higher goals. Today's best performance is tomorrow's minimum requirements.
1. Be honest and upright, be the same as inside and outside, do not tell lies or lies.
2. Express your opinions accurately and truthfully through correct channels and processes; while expressing criticisms, you can put forward corresponding suggestions and speak bluntly.
3. Do not spread unconfirmed news, do not talk about things and people irresponsibly behind their backs, and be able to guide them positively. For any opinions and feedback, "correct them if they have any, and encourage them if they don't".
4. Have the courage to admit mistakes, have the courage to take responsibility, and make corrections in a timely manner.
5. Correctly and effectively stop dishonest acts that damage the interests of the company.
6. Do not provide false information to customers or provide false information within the enterprise.
1. Obey the wishes of the parents, and repay the kindness of parenting with practical actions.
2. Actively participate in public welfare activities in the society.
3. Take the initiative to care about and help colleagues solve difficulties in life.
4. Actively help people in need in the society.
5. When the company needs it, be able to take the initiative to take the initiative.
1. Be proficient in working procedures and tools, execute according to standards, and have no mistakes caused by dereliction of duty.
2. Don't put things off tomorrow, and only do work-related things during work hours.
3. Able to correctly prioritize work and do the right thing according to priorities.
4. Continue to improve your work and achieve greater results with less investment.
5. There are no typos in the submitted documents, the sentences are fluent, and the logic is reasonable.
Three cultural systems
Enterprise spirit
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